vu2vku Krish W4VKU                       Preference: SSB,RTTY
Krish was licensed in 1989 as VU2VKU. He lives in Cary, North Carolina, USA from where he is active as W4VKU on the HF bands. Krish is an avid Dxer and has participated in two big dxpeditions – VU7LD (2006) and VU4PB (2011). He was QRV as 8Q7KP and VU7KV earlier this year. 
Krish is organizing VU7AG with the sole purpose of satisfying the worldwide demand for VU7.
vu2pai Pai VU2PAI                               Preference: CW, SSB
Pai is an active DXer from Mangalore, India. Pai was a part of the VU7LD expedition in 2006 and was QRV along with Krish as 8Q7KP in April this year. Pai is also an avid contester and loves collecting stamps on envelopes from world over, so if you have any he would be happy to receive them. Pai also runs the national QSL bureau in India and hopes to hand out VU7AG as a new one to the ‘deserving’.
IMG_3460 Nandu VU2NKS                         Preference: RTTY
Nandu has been licenced since 1983 but the DX bug only bit late in the mid-2000s. Nandu was part of VU7LD in 2006 and also a few IOTAs. He is often heard giving out the rare VU multiplier in RTTY contests and giving band-fills to DXers on RTTY outside of contests. He is kicked about the VU7 demand on RTTY and is looking forward to seeing the alphabet soup on his monitor.
vu3dmp-new Chetan VU3DMP                        Preference: SSB
Chetan was part of both VU7LD and VU4PB dxpeditions and has also done a few IOTA activations. He is a keen SSB contester and is one of the prime forces behind making VU7AG possible. When not contesting, Chetan loves to chase DX and enjoys collecting QSL cards. He is eagerly awaiting the huge pileups on SSB when he signs VU7AG.
IMG_3518 Deepak VU2CDP                Preference: CW, SSB
An SSB op who discovered the joys of CW and became a convert, Deepak was baptised by fire when he started VU4PB operations on 20m CW. He has since learnt the code and can now make sense out of the bedlam that are CW pileups. One of the reasons why he is on this trip is also because he is the youngest and can be made to do multiple chores!
vu2rct-234x300 Chandra VU2RCT                               Preference: SSB
Chandra is another avid DXer from Mangalore and has become a regular in contests. He was also a part of the Andaman Islands expedition VU4PB in 2011. He hopes to keep the team in good spirits with his wit irrespective of the pileup behaviour.
Pic 508 Basappa VU2NXM                        Preference: CW, SSB
Basappa was the Chief Telegraphist in the Indian Navy. Originally licenced as VU3BKY, he later upgraded and requested the call VU2NXM to honour a few friends. A true elmer who loves mentoring people and is responsible for bringing in young blood into the hobby. He was part of both VU7LD and VU4PB and also some notable IOTA activations in VU.
vu2abs Aravind VU2ABS                         Preference: RTTY, CW
Aravind was licenced in 1989. He is a keen home-brewer and was a part of VU4PB where his ingenuity helped the team win over Murphy on more than one occasion. It is hoped that Murphy won’t be a part of the team this time and Aravind will get some time in front of the radio. His primary responsibility in the team would be supporting RTTY operations and ensuring there are no surprises with any of the hardware.
vu3chm YL Raji VU3CHM                               Preference: SSB
Raji is the XYL of VU2ABS and is on her first dxpedition. Raji is a professor of Chemistry with research in the field of catalysis. She was licenced in 2012 and with the assistance of her husband, is now quickly learning the ropes of the hobby.
 Off Island Support
vu2ptt Prasad VU2PTT
Prasad is a veteran DXer and contester who has mentored many VUs including some of those listed above. Prasad has kindly offered to help out as the Webmaster and Guide despite personal and professional commitments which have kept him away from radio this year.

Pilot stations

N1UK Mark N1UK   –   NA East Coast pilot
Mark was first licenced in 1969 in the UK as G3ZZM and now lives in Wendell, North Carolina. Mark held the call N9HJV while living in Illinois and since moving to North Carolina has been active as N1UK. Mark is a keen DXer who also enjoys rag-chewing with his buddies. He has been putting together a dream station over the last few years – see his page.
Rich KY6R    –   NA West Coast pilot
Rich was licensed in 1973 as WN2QHN and was inactive during the period of 1977-2001.  He returned to ham radio in July 2001 and attained DXCC Honor Roll earlier this year. Rich enjoys building antennas and helping dxpeditions. He has been a pilot for ZL9HR, TX5K and T33A (Banaba Is.), and is also involved with the Heard Island Project (2015). You can view Rich’s page here.
lu1fam Luc LU1FAM    –    Central and South America pilot
Luc is one of the youngest and most accomplished of contesters to hail from South America. He was the youngest competitor in WRTC 2002 and will be participating in his third WRTC in 2014. He also has the privilege of being the first to win the CQ WPX Triathlon award. Apart from being a top notch contest operator, Luc enjoys chasing DX. You can read more about Luc on his page here.
KH6CG stan Stan KH6CG  – Oceania and Asia pilot 

Stan is retired. He enjoys playing radio and is a also a PGTA Golf Instructor. Stan has been dxing since 1960 and has 377 DXCC confirmed. He was the pilot for stations in TT, CE0/X, VP8/G, among others over the years. He was also the pilot for TX5K, ZL9HR, 1A0C, D64K and FW0NAR/P  and more recently, K9W, T33A and XR0ZR. Stan will also be the pilot for FT5ZM, VK9MT (2014)  and VK0/H (Heard Is. 2015). Stan is a charter member of Pacific DXers. More details are on his QRZ page.

DF2RG Gary DF2RG – EU pilot 

Gary got interested in ham radio at age 13, after reading the books of Walker A. Tompkins, K6ATX, “SOS at midnight” and “DX brings danger”. Gary has worked them all except P5, which he missed while moving houses.Gary has operated from several countries in Europe, and also as DF2RG/4S7 and HS0A. Gary was the Chief Pilot for TX5K and also holds the call WH6BAR which he upgrated to Extra in 2011.