QSL update

The VU7AG QSL cards for OQRS direct requests received until Feb 15, 2014 have all been sent out and should soon be received world-wide.

About a handful of the QSL requests from the above batch had to be redone due to missed QSL stickers, where multiple stickers were involved and also cases where the printer did not print the address properly. These will be redone and posted in this coming week.
All State-side direct postal requests received until late February have been processed. Remainder of the international postal requests are getting processed but could be delayed by over 3 weeks due to travel for VU4K.
Krish W4VKU

QSL preview

Well here it is finally. Took a while coming but we did eventually manage to agree on the final layout after iteration number 13,759!

ok,  kidding :)


Cards will start going out in a couple of weeks from now. Thank you for your patience.

73 de VU7AG


DXpedition of the year @ DX-World.net


VU7AG was voted the 5th most popular DXpedition in 2013. A great reward. It was an honour to be in the running with some first-class efforts to places like Wake Is. (K9W), Clipperton Is. (TX5K), Myanmar (XZ1J), Banaba Is. (T33A), Bangladesh (S21ZBB) to name a few.

We thank the DX community for their appreciation.

VU7AG is now QRT

As of  Dec 10 2013, 18:29z, VU7AG went QRT

The team had a lot of fun making QSOs and providing a new one to DXers world over.

We hope you all had fun chasing the new one.

Until next time… signing off the air on behalf of the entire team

73 de Krish


Update from Agatti

The team reports that all is going well barring the internet connection which has been a real let down. Log uploads to Clublog are proving to be very tedious. All the logs are intact but not all are on the Clublog server. Seems some 30m QSOs are missing and these would be looked into. The team would be setting up the 160m top-loaded vertical today. The last of the antennas to go up would be a Spiderbeam which will be used for the third station.  VU2PAI and VU3DMP join the team tomorrow.  All three stations should be QRV from tomorrow afternoon, approximately 1200z onwards.

The team continues to focus on NA and alternates between working EU and NA, especially on the short path.  They request co-operation from EU when they are working NA and SA which has the largest population of hams requiring VU7 for a new one. The feedback received so far has been passed on to the team and they will pay closer attention to certain band openings.

The team spent the better part of the weekend installing antennas. They now have phased verticals for 80, 40 and 30m apart from a Hexbeam, a 2el Steppir beam and Butternut verticals. They reported working NA on 40 and 75m SSB last night (which is a sign that they RTFM and got the antennas installed right…hi :mrgreen: ). More pictures awaited whenever they are able to get a stable internet connection.